Monday, November 26, 2012

I Know! Let's focus on "Fundamentals!"

Okay, Cowboys fans, it's time for a serious talk.  It's over.  It was nice while it lasted- in the early 90's- but the Cowboys as a winning franchise has been over since at least 2000, and probably before that.  You see, we have one "fundamental" flaw with our franchise, and it hasn't been addressed in working on 20 years.  Our GM sucks.

We've tried new coaches, new schemes, and new players.  We have a fancy new stadium (the City of Arlington is grateful for that, by the way).  We have as much talent on the current Cowboys roster as was on the early 90's teams, but nothing to show for it.  As Bob Costas pointed out several weeks ago, the only thing that hasn't changed is Jerry Jones.

Now, I understand this will be hard.  Jerry Jones did such a bang-up job in the early 90's.  Three Superbowl championships in four years is impressive.  Wait, you mean Jerry wasn't the GM during those Superbowl runs?  You mean that Jimmy Johnson was the one making those calls until he was fired, and then Jones just left the same pieces in place?  The deuce you say!  And you mean that now, Jerry Jones is an even worse GM than he was in the late 90's because he's so busy being a celebrity and selling Pizzas and Buffalo Wings?

Well I don't believe it.  No one could be so egotistical that they would ruin good men's careers as sacrifices for their own self-image.  No one could possibly be such an idiot that they'd refuse to hire someone competent for a position simply because they didn't want to be shown up.  It simply isn't possible that anyone would be so blind that they would allow an icon of success to turn into a laughing-stock, and themselves with it.

Nevertheless, however hard this decision may be, it is necessary.  If the Cowboys are ever going to be a winning franchise, then the Owner must fire the General Manager, and hire someone competent to handle those duties.

Before the back office becomes even more of a laughing-stock.


  1. I wore a 'Fire Jerry" shirt to a game and I was like a rock star.

  2. Go Broncos!!!