Thursday, November 8, 2012

Union Democrats- This is what you asked for.

So Boeing is laying off 30% of its executive team due, if you read between the lines, to sequestration.  Funny.  They were SUPPOSED to announce those layoffs a couple of weeks ago, due to the Democrat created WARN act.  But Obama's Department of Labor decided that they shouldn't release that before the election- it might have hurt Obama's re-election chances.  So Boeing feigned ignorance, just like Lockheed did.

"Oh, no, the Government says we won't be hurt due to sequestration, and the Government wouldn't lie to us, would they?"

So Boeing pretended that the Government could suspend the laws of mathematics, and failed to issue the layoff notifications on time.  Now, miraculously, the laws of math have reasserted themselves, those scamps.  Suddenly, Boeing will be affected by sequestration cuts.  Imagine that.

Look out, union laborers.  Right now it's the executive team.  That won't be enough.  Your turn will come.

Just remember that you asked for it.

Update: A previous version of this post said Boeing was laying off 40% of it's executive team.  The correct number from the article is 30%.

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  1. Yup, they got EXACTLY what they asked for. Let's see how happy they and those who are next in line for layoffs feel about more "Hope and Change" now ...

    I shouldn't thrill to the misfortunes of others, but since they by and large brought it on themselves ... they DID build that!

    Thanks for posting!