Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Treason: DNI Clapper Goes Under the Bus

The Media continues to focus on "Who edited the talking points" instead of "Who ordered the stand-down" regarding the 9/11 Benghazi attack by Al Qaida, or Al Qaida linked terrorists.  Readers of this blog already know that the answer comes back to Barack Obama anyway, but let's play along.

According to CBS News, the talking points that Susan Rice received (talking points that blamed a YouTube video no one had heard of and fewer had seen) were edited by the office of the Director of National Intelligence, and approved by the CIA and FBI. 

Now, what you're supposed to believe from this is that DNI James Clapper got the original talking points from the CIA that included language about the Al Qaida link, then that he changed that language.  You're also supposed to believe the following:

* Barack Obama never saw the original talking points.
* DNI Clapper never ran the updated talking points by the President for his approval.
* That the link to Al Qaida was too weak to for DNI Clapper to approve it, but the link to the YouTube video was somehow iron-clad.

These are all rediculuous on the face of them.  Worse than that, they're insulting.  Barack Obama knew what the CIA said.  He then knew what the DNI wanted to say- indeed, he probably instructed him to find some scape goat other than terrorism.  DNI Clapper then framed a man for exercising his first amendment rights, and Barack Obama approved that change.

Barack Obama is supporting terror and terrorists over the First Amendment Rights of legal US Residents.

He must be impeached.

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  1. AllenG,

    I simply refuse to believe that 30 Americans who were at Benghazi have vanished from existence. They have families paychecks, bank accounts. And there is no way that every one is subject to some sort of administrative blackmail.
    It's all so ridiculous. Why wouldn't Barky parade the 30 Americans rescued from Benghazi as a great victory for his administration? / rhetorical off

    We live in interesting times. In the sense of the Chinese curse.

    I will go back to lurking and reading your blog. Thanks for keeping it up!

    “When vain aspiring men possess highest seats in govt, the country will need experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”
    ~ Samuel Adams

  2. Some people actually think a manager or executive has to touch and approve everything that goes on under them. Government is staffed by numerous people with their own agendas and some don't follow orders. DId you ever consider that some opposed to his re-election were sabotaging various operations? Reagan did it with the Iran hostages and it worked for him. Those on the right are just pissed off because their dastardly deeds failed this time and as always they blame them on someone else. When those on the right are making a big stink about anything, you can be 100% sure they are actively covering up something very similar, that they have done. It's the same tactic Christian Rome has used for 2000 years.

  3. Treason dni clapper goes under bus. Read details from here

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