Wednesday, December 26, 2012

People Not Responsible For Wrong Doing Not Punished For Wrong Doing!

Shocking, I know, but people are breathlessly reporting that the four "State Department officials" who resigned over the Benghazi scandal didn't actually resign, and likely won't receive any real punishment.

Here's the thing: they didn't do it.  I know that at least half of the outrage is along the lines of "Hey, the Administration said these people are responsible, so why aren't they being held responsible."  I get it.  I also think it's silly and wrong-headed.

We know they aren't responsible.  They had no authority to be responsible.  The fact the Administration tried to tell us they were responsible in the first place is simply another crime and another part of the coverup.

When I went through the Benghazi Files, I pointed out that the minimum security standards were not met.  I pointed out that Ambassador Stevens repeatedly asked for additional security.  I pointed out that only one person, the Secretary of State, had the authority to waive those minimum standards, and therefore the authority to deny the requests for additional security.

That's it.  Hillary Clinton is the only person with the authority have done what was done- leave the Benghazi mission woefully unprotected.

Insofar as an investigation is called for, it is only called for to the extent that we should verify if Mrs. Clinton was acting under pressure from the President, or if she made those choices on her own recognizance.  Personally, I believe it taxes credulity to say that the President was not at least aware of, and therefore in a position to overrule, the decisions made regarding the Libyan missions' security.  This is why I think the President is directly responsible, and should be impeached.  But even if you don't believe that, it is even harder to believe that four mid-level staffers would make the decision not to provide adequate security all on their own.  That decision had to be made, and a signature given, by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

So I don't care that these four staffers are not being punished.  They didn't do anything wrong, so far as we know.  All of the decisions which lead to the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were made by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  They are the only ones who even had the authority to make them.

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