Friday, December 7, 2012

#CultureWar: Madison Rising

Welcome to the first in a new post category for Dedicated Tenther.  #CultureWar will focus on Conservatives in the trenches in the Culture War.  Mostly this will focus on music, because that's where we're best represented.

If you have tips about any #CultureWar soldiers (that would be: entertainers who are conservative, and not shy about it) please send them my way.


Madison Rising is a Conservative Rock (yes, apparently this is a genre) band.  You've probably heard or seen their version of the Star Spangled Banner.  That's only the tip of their rock and roll iceberg.  You can buy their music (please do) via the iTunes store or CD Baby, or you can just donate to the band via Pay-Pal (but why, when they're music is so good?).

I've listened to some of their music, and I have to say it's good.  This is not a case of a band receiving praise because they're trying to fill a niche I see needs to be filled, but because they fill it well.  Just as conservatives can listen to liberal weenies like (insert band here) and just enjoy the music, anyone can just listen to Madison Rising for some good hard rock and roll.

Their Star Spangled Banner is below the fold.  Go check 'em out and send them some of your coin.


  1. It is important to let culture warriors in the Media know that they have support. They are putting a lot on the line for their beliefs.