Monday, December 3, 2012

Racist Eugenicist Margaret Sanger to Rachel Carson: "Well Done."

Update: This is what happens when I don't get enough caffeine.  Yes, Rachel Carson, not Corrie.  Corrected below.  *sigh*

From the Competitive Enterprise Institute comes this piece, detailing how Rachel Carson's Silent Spring was basically completely wrong.  Check out their piece (video and PDF).

I want to make a different point though, going back to the "perfectibility of man" premise so many Liberals accept.  Rachel Carson wrote a book which basically called anyone who used DDT mass murderers.  She claimed there were side effects of DDT which were harmful to humans (beyond those in any chemical- including natural ones- there aren't), and then said they made bird eggs super-duper fragile, so that birds weren't hatching.  Now, there has never actually been any scientifically rigorous proof of that, either, but let's grant it for the moment.

Is she saying that birds are more important than people?  I'm sure she would tell you otherwise.  See, she believes in the perfectibility of man.  One consequence of the concept of the perfectibility of man is the resulting concept of the perfectibility of man's designs.  See, if man is perfectible, so is anything to which he sets his hand.  So any negative consequences of anything humans do are completely unacceptable.  Anything which has any negative side effects at all must be banned.  Those who use it anyway must be shunned.

However high-minded this philosophy may think it is, it fails to apply its own test to itself.  For, if man is perfectible, and therefore anything man does should be perfect, then any negative consequences are unacceptable, and the enterprise must be abandoned.  When we apply that rubric to the idea of the perfectibility of man, however, we find the concept of the perfectibility of man also has negative consequences, and so must be abandoned. 

The concept of the perfectibility of man required that Rachel Carson and her compatriots oppose DDT and other pesticides.  As a result, more millions of African babies have died than those ever aborted by noted Racist Eugenicist Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood ever has.  Those deaths are negative consequences, so, by their own rules, the opposition to DDT must be abandoned.

Of course, there's one other option.  Maybe Rachel Carson just hates black people.