Friday, December 7, 2012

Yet More BLS BS

So the November Unemployment numbers came out today.  The BLS claims 146K jobs created (just under what's needed to keep up with population growth) and yet somehow unemployment dropped from 7.9% to 7.7%.  Quietly released also were downward revisions in the numbers for both September and October.

Now, beyond the obvious question of how the UE Rate could go down when we're not even employing people at the replacement rate is the question of why the BLS would produce such obviously faulty numbers.  The answer to the first is easy enough.  Part of it is legitimate; yet more people are no longer counted as "unemployed" even though they are, in fact, "unemployed."  Part of it is not.  This number is fairly obviously false, and will be quietly revised downward next month or the month after. 

So the question that remains is "why?"  Why produce these numbers that are, to anyone paying attention, obviously incorrect if not outright fraudulent? 

On this, I have a theory.  It's not exactly a secret that the Bureau of Labor Statistics works for the President.  Prior to the election, they were padding the numbers (thus the quiet downward revisions for September and October's numbers) to help Obama get re-elected.  The Media helped with this, too, by absolutely refusing to analyze the unemployment numbers at all.  But what incentive does the Administration have to lie now?

My answer: the Fiscal Cliff negotiations.  Right now, just over half the country says they would blame Republicans more than Democrats if we re-entered a recession due to the fiscal cliff.  It is my belief that people would blame Democrats more if they knew how bad the economy really was.  If people saw 8%+ unemployment rates, they'd realize that we aren't in some "weak recovery" but still in a recession which has been extended by the disastrous policies of this President.  If people understood that, they would realize that the people who actually want to help them and help grow the economy are the Republicans. 

Any support for increased taxation would evaporate.  The calls for "the rich" to pay "their fair share," would be nonexistent.  People would begin to understand that we do not have a "revenue" problem.  And then the Republicans would have much more power in Congress.  They would have more power because even the Democrat controlled Senate would start feeling the pressure to reduce spending, rather than attempt to raise taxes.  The Democrats would start feeling constituent pressure to reduce regulation, and start loosening the Government's strangle-hold on the economy.

So we get the same "sunny days are here again" news we got prior to the election.  Once we've gone over the fiscal cliff, as Democrats want, we might start seeing real numbers again.  See, then, it will be because those Evil Republicans were just too hyper-partisan and wouldn't just give Obama everything he wanted.  Instead, those Evil, Intractable Republicans wanted Obama actually to negotiate!  In good faith!  How dare they!?

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