Monday, December 3, 2012

San Bernardino: A Leftist's Dream Made Reality

Somehow, I don't think Mad Max is going to come save the day.

San Bernardino, CA, filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.  Despite what should be protection from their various debt obligations, at least temporarily, the city finds its fiscal situation continuing to deteriorate.  Indeed, their situation seems to be so bad, that the City Attorney, Jim Penman suggested that citizens arm themselves and lock their doors because they simply don't have enough police to protect the citizenry.

The New Mayor of San Bernardino, CA

With respect to the people of California, you asked for this.  Government is only supposed to do a very few things.  Providing police protection is one of those things, but your insistence on forcing your government to provide all kinds of other services, in addition to your love of the abomination that is Public Employee Unions, has led to this. 

Money that does not exist cannot be spent, and what cannot continue will not.  If what you are willing to cut is your police force, then you will be the ones who must supply that protection.  So while your government pays outrageous salaries to its officials, you are the ones on the hook.  Perhaps your children will learn the lessons you obviously have not, and might possibly correct the situation.

Until then, I recommend stocking up on the leather and spikes.  It looks like that's what the fashion-conscious will be wearing after the apocalypse.

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