Monday, January 7, 2013

Feel Good Story of the Day

Chalk this up as another story the anti-gun crowd doesn't want you to know about.

In Georgia, a woman defended herself and her child by shooting an intruder several times in the face and torso, then escaping to a neighbor's house.

There are lots of little gems in the story; things like how the intruder had been arrested six or seven times (the math is unclear) since 2008.  There is the part where the woman tried to hide, and the intruder kept looking through the house until he found her and her son.

These should show that no amount of law or appeasement will stop bad people from doing bad things.  It certainly seems like Mr. Slater is a certified hard-case.  Something tells me he wouldn't think twice about violating a "Gun Free Zone." 

Also of note, however, are how the confrontation played out.  She emptied the cylinder of her .38 revolver into the man.  Based on reporting, she hit him 5 times in the face and torso, and that didn't put him down.  It did stop him, but getting shot in the torso and face five times did not kill him.  Once he was stopped, he only stopped because he didn't realize she didn't have any more bullets.  This indicates he was hopped up enough on adrenaline that he would have been capable of harming her if he'd realized she didn't have any more bullets and she hadn't fled.

I want it to be clear that this woman did everything right.  She did it exactly as most safety experts would have told her.  She attempted to avoid the confrontation, but defended herself with full force when the confrontation became inevitable. 

However, this could easily have gone the other way.  Had she been unarmed, as many in the anti-gun lobby would wish, she and her son could easily be dead today.  There are more than a few liberals who will get the vapors over the fact she emptied her gun at the man.  They will tell you it it's a good thing she didn't have one of those evil "assault rifles" or "extended clips."

I'll tell you exactly the opposite.  This woman (unidentified by the linked report) was very lucky that her assailant lost count of the shots she fired, or didn't recognize that she only had a revolver.  If he had, he may have attacked her anyway.  I'm willing to bet when she realized the man was still capable of action, she wished she'd had one of those evil extended clips.

The fact is that responsible gun ownership is responsible for far more prevented crime than any "mass shooter" is responsible for death an mayhem.  Further, I'd be willing to bet that if he'd been facing an AR-15 instead of a .38 revolver, the assailant would have run from the confrontation.  In fact, her having such a weapon may have finally avoided conflict- there would be no reason to shoot a man, soiled pants clinging to his waist, who is running away.

In either case, I'm glad this woman and her son are safe.  I feel no pity for the criminal who, according to the report, lies in critical condition with pierced lungs, liver, and stomach.  If he dies, that's the price he chose to pay by breaking into their home.  If he survives, I hope he is locked up for the rest of his natural life span.

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