Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's Next? "Reeducation" Camps?

Now, this is from Joe ("J-O-B-S. Three letters") Biden, so I suppose we should take it with a grain of salt.  Apparently the Administration is seeking to bypass congress in an unconstitutional twofer.  The Malignant Traitor wants to issue an executive order for gun control.  Unconstitutional 1: what part of "the right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be Infringed" doesn't he understand?  Unconstitutional 2: Laws are made by congress, silly.  The Executive has no authority, even via Executive Orders to compel or direct the private citizenry in any way, unless specifically granted by statute.  Which statute provides the President the power to do anything about guns I own or wish to own?

Frankly, though, as laughable as this is, it is also highly disturbing.  It is, without overstating the case or being overly outlandish, fascist.  It is, more or less, exactly what a certain poorly-mustached dictator did in Germany.  Other notables who also socialized medicine and disarmed their populace: Mussolini, Mao, Stalin.  Now what do these four have in common?

Oh, yes: mass murder/genocide and evil orders of magnitude greater than just about any other we can find in history, with the possible exceptions of Pharaoh having all Hebrew boys killed during childbirth, and Herod ordering the deaths of every male child aged 2 and under.

And these are the people (probably including Pharaoh and King Herod) that the Malignant Traitor and his Cabinet officials see as inspirational.


  1. It's pushing the Overton window. Libs are so much better at the long game than we credit them for. Keep pushing unreasonable demands out into the market place of ideas and sell the hell out of them.

    -Eaton Cox

  2. AllenG just wanted to give you a quick thought on the New EUtopia RiNOs basically holding the fiscal sanity of in the black Red State's hostage for fun and profit.

    Gabe's analysis is correct because in the end the RiNOs are fellated by the media and believe they are the ONLY SANE MEN IN THE ROOM!

    I do not enjoy that Gabe is correct and am slowly deciding that if they demand I am satisfied with 85% tyranny I am going to go on ahead and allow them to taste 100% tyranny and sit out 2016.

    You've perused enough of my posts to know that I was one of the voices of the "evil far right" counseling my fellow 'evil far righters" to hold their nose and back Juan Queeg and Mitt full bore to stop the commie.

    "Stopping the commie" in an ideal situation would never involve "aiding the socialists" which is at the end of the day what Romney and McCain both are at heart. You do not so happily aid envy based collectivism growing in scope without being at some point complicit. I am tired of aiding the worst actors in the GOP constantly holding a gun to my head as a Friedman school economics conservative.

    The train is barreling towards the wall, I have decided that if I cannot stop it from impact perhaps it is best to simply get as many sensible people as I can to the rearmost car and pray.

    Sorry to go on and keep on putting things on this blog you do not have.


  3. Ancient Chinese curse: may you live interesting times.

    And so we have, are and shall do.