Wednesday, January 16, 2013

There He Goes Again.

So, the White House finally decided it had had enough of the plebes daring to voice their opinion, so SCOAMT changed the rules on the White House petitions.  Now, instead of having to get 25,000 signatures, a petition must receive 100,000 to reach the status that it must receive an "official response."

Now, this may seem like a mundane thing, but it really isn't.  This is, as our illustrious Vice President might say, a Big F'in Deal.  In fact, it's another step toward the Neo-Feudalism that I've mentioned in this space before.  You see, the President can't be bothered with responding to something a mere 25,000 of The People care about.  No, he can only bestir himself for something 100,000 sign onto.

But if he can set any number to trigger an "official response," then he is already circumventing the People's 1st Amendment Right to petition for redress of grievances.  How?  Because then nothing is preventing him from setting the number at 300,000, or 500,000, or 1,000,000 or... well, you get the idea.

That is, if the President gets to set minimum boundary on whether or not he will even consider a petition, then he is saying that only "enough" of the people have a right to petition for redress of grievances.  And it is only a step, and a quite small one, from "enough" to "certain."

So, I have started a petition, which I hope you will sign (yes, you'll have to give them an email address).  While I really wanted to say drop the requirement to 1, I figure there are some practical limits.  So I simply requested that the President reinstate the old rules.  To stop moving the goal posts, if you will.

If it gets enough signatures, and I actually get a response, I'll update with what that response is.

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