Friday, January 4, 2013

This Person Can Vote

I dunno, sweetie.  What on earth might have happened to make your paycheck go down?

After my initial response of hysterical laughter, that simple post made me kind of upset.  I'm just not sure what made me more angry- the fact this woman was doubtless one of the ones calling for more taxes on "the rich," or the fact she was so caught up in the rhetoric of her own side that she failed to see what they were actually doing.

This is the primary problem with the 11th hour nature of the Fiscal Cliff deal.  Because Congress believed it had to [i]do something now![/i] the American People didn't have a chance to see what was in the legislation and let their voices be heard.  Instead, all we got was pablum and talking points.

As a result, we have no spending cuts.  As a result, taxes on everyone with a job are going up.  As a result, job and wealth creators are being punished with yet higher taxes.

And people like this, who undoubtedly think themselves informed, have absolutely no clue. 

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