Thursday, January 17, 2013

Liberal Media Personalities: You Gun Owners Are Evil

See, if you own a gun, you support the Eeevil "Gun Lobby."  And the Gun Lobby must be opposed like the Nazis, and failing to do so is the same as failing to speak out against Democrats (like Bull Connor) during the 1960 Civil Rights debates.

I would set aside these two statements, because they're so stupid, but many will listen to them.  Even if these two particularly stupid statements don't persuade anyone, they're simply adding to a growing chorus designed to make you believe that a) guns are evil, b) gun owners are evil, and c) anyone who thinks otherwise is weird or defective.  Therefore they must be exposed and ridiculed.  They must also be refuted.

So let's take this "Nazi" thing, first.  Opposing gun ownership is being like the Nazis, not like opposing them.  For those of you not aware, just like every other tyrannical regime since the 19th Century, one of the first things the Nazis did was prohibit private ownership of firearms.  You see, the point of owning a gun is not to hunt, or shoot at paper targets, or at clay pidgeons.  The point of owning a gun is not even, primarily, to defend yourself, your family, or your home from robbers and theives.  The point of owning a gun is to have the means to oppose a tyrannical government.

So, when a tyrannical government wants to take power, the first thing it must do is to disarm the populace.  So far from opposing the "Gun Lobby" (read: "Gun Owners") being like opposing the Nazis, it is simply enabling those who would be Nazis, or any other kind of tyrant.  This is also why, yes, I should be allowed to own a howitzer.

Now, on the Civil Rights comment.  Again, would it surpise you to know the nation's first gun control laws were enacted (again, by Democrats) in the South to prevent the newly freed slaves from defending themselves from the likes of the (largely Democrat) KKK?  So, far from failing to oppose the gun lobby being akin to failing to oppose desegregation and Civil Rights, opposing the gun lobby is exactly like opposing the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s.

The simple fact is that no single item represents the Freedom of Man, and the fact that the People are Sovereign over their Government like The Gun.  An armed populace is one that does not need to fear its government.  An armed populace is one that is sovereign over its government.  Armed civilians are the employers and bosses of the military and the police.  Simply put, a disarmed populace is none of those things.

And only a tyrannical government would seek to disarm its populace.


  1. Buying ammo for a howitzer would be very, very expensive.

    1. The time on the range would be a hoot though.

    2. You obviously never shot artillery for a living.

  2. I am absolutely evil by your point of view moonbats....

    you know the one that looked the other way while millions were murdered in the Soviet union and wears T-shirts of Che?

    Guess what you can't "legislate morality" right?