Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Red Herring

So, Mitt Romney came out with a very good ad last week, taking Barack Obama's "You didn't build that" comment (note: no, it's not taken out of context.  It is those who are claiming that it's taken out of context who are taking it out of context) and simply blowing it out of the water.  Here, watch.

Surprising precisely no one, it took the MFM almost no time to submit the subject of the commercial to more scrutiny than Barack Obama has received (in total) since 2007.  And they found the smoking gun.  Or not.

You see, the claim is that the owner didn't actually build the business himself because (gasp) he applied for and received government loans and has government contracts!  Hypocrisy!!!11!!Eleventy!

One problem- there's nothing hypocritical about it.  He never said he didn't take government money, watch the ad again.  It's about hard-work, which he did, and the risk, which he assumed.  So let's break this down.

According to this report, he received "tax-exempt revenue bonds" in 1999 from the New Hampshire Business Finance Authority.  He also received a Small Business Administration federal loan in the 1980s.  Hypocrisy?  No.  Those are loans.  Had he not paid them, he would have lost his business to repay them.  These weren't some grants that never had to be repaid, they were loans just like any other.  He happens to be in metal-work, which happens to have lots of National Defense implications.  And those bonds were state, not Federal funds.

Well, what about those government contracts?  Well, those apparently come out to a whopping $88,600 among three contracts: two with the Navy, and one with the Coast Guard.  Wow.  Color me stunned.  He had the Government as a customer, and he got paid for it.  Obviously he's a crypto-Marxist.

This is stupid.  What's next, A full 20/20 or 60 Minutes investigation?  Will they comb through his tax records to see if, just maybe, he's donated to political campaigns before?  Will they find out that *gasp* he might be a Republican?

This is Joe the Plumber all over again.  Rather than address the real issue- that Barack Obama made a full on Marxist Comment (and if they want context, I recommend they start looking where he said that if you're successful you didn't get there on your own, and that your success is not due to your own intelligence and hard work), they try to turn the issue into who was in the ad.  This is sick and reprehensible.  They can't defend their Boyfriend in Chief, so instead they attack the messenger.

I just hope people are smart enough to see through it.


  1. Mr. D. Tenther, thanks for the post. This is pathetic. The MSM are just like their boyfriend Obama. Just as they and their one and only think that roads were built with free government money that grows on the government tree that the government planted, they also think that the government gave this man free money for doing nothing. Typical and not surprising.

    It's just like the commies (self-described and those labeling themselves as "progs" or even "moderates") who think that working for a corporation and being compensated for it is slave labor.

    These people really have no clue.

  2. Your business idea was your own, the majority of the hard work and possibly the capital to start it was your own(but I doubt the capital really was) and certainly the risk of failure was all your own, but ....your success was not all yours alone..I am sorry to bust your bubble buddy. Without existing infrastructure, built from taxpayers money for decades previous to your success, without supply and transportation pipelines to ship and deliver the necessary components of your business's product, without customers and, most importantly, without competent and dedicated, hard-working employees...your success would never have happened at all. Sure, the President said something supremely stupid here but for all of you clowns who think that one person is responsible for an entire company's success? Time to wake up. Unless that business is a single owner/operator that deals in purely intellectual or informational products(and even then they use the discoveries and inventions of thousands before them) then your argument is as useless as your cries of tyranny and socialism.

    Chique, the clue is, businesses routinely put the employee last. They care more about compensation for the top employee than the thousands, and more, that actually make the business a success.

    1. Pure and unsurprising Marxist Rhetoric. "Oh, it was your idea, so you get *some* credit, but you OWE those taxpayers."

      Guess what, I'm one of those tax payers. So I don't "owe" anyone anything for that "infrastructure." I pay my electric bill and water bill so I don't "owe" the electric provider or water provider (normally but not always the city) anything either.

      No more do I "owe" any vendors who sold me something beyond any currently open invoices. No more do I "owe" any employees beyond any wages earned but not yet paid.

      The owner, especially of small businesses, is solely responsible for success. Whether that's from making sure he/she hires the right people (no cake-walk, I can assure you) or because he/she really is doing it alone. A business owner "owes" none of their success to anything except their own gumption and effort.