Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Protecting our Liberties: I Said Not SCOTUS

For those unaware, the card game Munchkin, is designed to parody old D&D games.  Almost every table-top gamer at some point goes through a phase that we call "Kill the monster, takes it's treasure, search for secret doors."  Munchkin gets straight to the point though with it's motto, "Kill the monsters, steal the treasure, stab your buddy."

Well, Chief Justice Roberts did not kill the monster.  I sincerely doubt he took it's treasure.  But he certainly stabbed his buddies.

Much ink has been spent, and many pixels used, trying to figure out why the Chief Justice acted as he did.  There are reports that he "voted for repeal before he voted against it."  I don't know if those are true, or sour grapes, or the opposition sowing dissent.  The fact is his motives don't matter.

When faced with the opportunity to limit the Government once and for all, and begin re-establishing the balance between the Federal Government and the States, the Chief Justice stood with the Federal Government.  This is only surprising because Conservatives were fairly certain he was "one of us."  Certainly he had voted conservatively in prior cases, so what's different about this one?

And, again, it doesn't matter.  He did what he did.  The Chief Justice has cast his lot with the Statists.  In a previous post, I was worried about Justice Kennedy on this issue; it turns out that worry was misplaced.  The heart of that post remains the same, however.  Our liberty should not be in the hands of seven (or five, or nine, or nineteen) men and women selected, vetted, and confirmed by Washington Elites.

The States must stand up against this tyrannical overreach.  Even those Liberal States which support Government-Run Health Care must step back and see the damage this will do to them, too.  As of now they do not have any but the most tenuous authority over health care in their own borders.  As of now, they are mere regents or proxies for a all-powerful Federal Government.

I've used the slave reference more than once in this space.  I use it because its apt, as well as because I believe that it is fundamentally True.  Well, if the Federal Government is the slave owner, and the American People are the slaves, that makes the States the overseers.  By not standing up to the Federal Government, by not asserting their Constitutionally guaranteed authority, the States are enabling the slavery of their residents.

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