Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Marxism, Pure and Simple

In a post yesterday, I asked whether the President is a demagogue or just stupid.  Frankly, I think the answer is "yes," but in regards to the specific comments he made regarding business success, I think there is a more appropriate answer.  He's a full out, Karl Marx Communist.  The line about business owners not doing it themselves, followed by the non sequitur about "everyone having their own fire response" or whatever, is pure Communist Manifesto.

Let me explain.  His comment was not simply saying that businesses rely on roads and infrastructure, which they do, but that because they rely on these things they owe their success to "The People."  Well, they can't pay back "The People," now can they?  Among other things, there would be no reasonable way to apportion any repayment (assuming such was needed- which it isn't).  Instead, these businesses must "repay" the Government.

That is, any successful business should be owned by the Government.  Which economic and political system espouses that, again?  Oh.  That's right.  Communism.

And, just like the Communist he is at heart, Mr. Obama then went with the public services fallacy.  This is the idea that, since things have to be organized, all things must be centrally organized.  That is: because cities maintain fire departments, instead of there being private companies that provide the service, and everyone needs that protection, everyone should be answerable to government because of that.  Apparently the Communists have never head of Volunteer Fire Departments.

This is important.  It is important to understand where the President is getting his ideas.  Whether or not he believes himself to be a Communist, that's where his heart and head are.  Whether or not he thinks of himself that way, his inclinations are to Nationalize everything.

In November you have a choice: a slightly out-of-touch, but pro-American and pro-Capitalism candidate, or a Crypto-Marxist.

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