Friday, July 6, 2012

Why do Teachers Unions in California Support Pedophiles?

From the San Bernardino Sun comes this positively flabbergasting story.  The California Senate passed a Democrat sponsored bill which would have made it easier to fire teachers "accused of particularly egregious crimes - such as sex, violence or drug offenses involving children..."

Now, one would think this would a no-brainer.  It passed with strong bipartisan support in the California Senate, and it's a fairly obvious rules fix.  It is currently very hard to fire teachers who would prey on the children under their authority, and this bill would have fixed that.  Enter the Teachers Unions.

Rather than support the rights and safety of the children in their care, the teachers opposed this measure vociferously.  They claimed "there already are sufficient rules to protect children, that the bill lacks due process, and that the bill was meant to give cover to the LAUSD officials who are to blame for [the recent scandal which led to the bill]*."  Apparently someone even called this measure which would protect children from predators "UnAmerican."

What is it about unions?  What is it about Teachers Unions specifically.  Discuss making it easier to fire teachers and you're evil.  Talk about merit-based pay and you're evil.  Attempt to strengthen academic standards and you're evil.

We are supposed to, for some reason, completely revere teachers and worship the ground they walk on.  We're supposed to faint at the idea they might have to work a full 8 hours a day, five days a week for the whole year, instead of 6 hours a day for nine months.  And then they pull crap like this.

This is disgusting.  It is disgraceful.  The people of California should call up your state Representatives and demand that his bill be brought back to committee, passed out of committee, and passed by the full House.  

If we're going to treat our children as though they're not even human while they're in school, the least we owe them is safety from their wardens.

*-Read the article to find out about the specific scandal

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  1. Yea, in this case a union protecting a pedophile is just as criminal as the pedophile themselves. Just as in the Penn state case, anyone with knowledge about such crimes and fails to step forward and report it, for whatever reason, should be charged with complicity by aiding the criminal acts. Kids honestly deserve better.