Monday, July 2, 2012

Safety, Professionalism, and Respect

What are 3 buzzwords worth less than the pixels you're reading, Alex?

So the "drone industry" has released a "code of conduct" policy.  Apparently, they hope to "educate" the public.  I guess they think they're just "misunderstood," and that if people only knew more, they wouldn't be afraid of Big Brother flying drones around snooping on what private citizens are doing without a warrant.

So let me explain it to you, "Drone industry," this isn't about you.  Oh, I know you see your pofits in this whole mess, and you want to expand them.  I can appreciate and respect that.  However that's not going to change my vehement opposition to domestic drones.  You see, once you've manufactured and delivered them, you have no more control over them.

Sadly, even the people you sell them to may not have control over them.

So it's not whether you're acting with "safety, professionalism, and respect."  Indeed, I would expect no less of you.  No, the question is what happens after you've built and delivered your drone.  Who uses them?  Who controls them?  What are they used for?

See, I don't really mind a private company- say, Google, using drones for it's mapping engine, or for survey companies to do aerial surveys.  That was never my concern: if they use any footage or pictures of me without my consent, I can sue them and win.  My concern is the Government.  If they use my picture or footage of me without my consent, they can just claim "Oh, no reasonable expectation of privacy!" and I'm SOL.

So spare me your "code of conduct."  How about you actually address our concerns?  Do you support, or oppose, the Government having 24/7 ready access to spy on private citizens?

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