Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Growing Police State: Airport Pacemaker Edition

More and more I hate these petty tyrants.  The whole TSA needs to be disbanded. Assuming they're actually useful at all (they aren't), their tasks could be handled more efficiently and professionally by private security.

Case in point, Primo Meza is a resident of Florida who was in Des Moines to visit his sick sister.  While going through the security line to get to the terminal so he could board his flight, his pacemaker set off an alarm with the TSA.  They immediately leapt into action to save us from this deadly seasoned citizen.

Besides his pacemaker, Mr. Meza also requires a battery powered oxygen system.  While undergoing the gentle, understanding, and above all professional ministrations of these petty tyrants, the battery for his system ran down.  His daughter, traveling with him, attempted to intervene to recharge the battery on his machine.

"When I tried to walk towards him, they surrounded me and told me I couldn't touch him and I said I need... I told them like five times I needed to plug him in so that he didn't lose his battery life," she said in the linked report.  She was rebuffed.

By the time the geniuses with the TSA decided that the elderly man posed no threat, it was time to board his flight.  Unfortunately, with his battery nearly depleted, and no time to charge it, he was instead stuck in Des Moines.  The TSA, of course, claims no responsibility here.


  1. O rly? TSA is a Bush construct. You're a tool.

    1. TSA is a Bush Construct. So is Homeland Security. I believe you'll find I oppose both.

      So am I a tool because I oppose something a President I mostly otherwise supported created, or because I'm not a fan of the police state? Please clarify.

  2. So how come the TSA treats innocent Americans like terrorists, Anon? I don't remember that being the case at first.

    And why are veterans and Tea Partiers considered a threat by the DHS?

  3. One troll. Troll for sale. He's going cheap. Only seven guineas. That -- or thereabouts.
    /Mr. Bumble

  4. Hi, Anon 7/24/12 3:56PM!

    So because Bush set it up, he is answerable for its sins? The fact that President Obama kept it in place (like the Patriot Act, Gitmo, etc) means he bears no responsibility?

    Is that like the Democrats not being responsible for there being no budgets since they took power? You know, because the Senate as a political body preceded them?

    Methinks a tool is YOU.

  5. You people kill me. I note that some people are stuck on this whole Democrat and Republican thing and will vote a party line even if they know what is going on is wrong. In my opinion, and I am a retired Special Forces, what this country has is a bunch of spineless Jellyfish that are not willing to stand up for what is right.
    The Bush family put this country in the condition it is in, no Obama or anyone else. Doesnt really matter who would have been in office after Bush, they would have had a hell of a mess to clean up from that disastrous President and his father before him.
    Should TSA be disbanded along with Homeland Security? You BET!! See, what a lot of people are missing here is that while Bush was in office, the world viewed America as "The World Police", and because Obama never really did anything to change that, many countries still look at us that way. Now, it's one thing for the rest of the world to see us that way, but in case you are wearing blinders, most of the American People are also looking at the U.S. as a complete "Police State" right now as well, and this is mostly due to the actions of the TSA and DHS. If you think I am wrong, just read a few of the news articles regarding the Nazi Storm Trooper actions that the TSA has performed in recent years to people that were no where near a terrorist state. Prosthetic limbs (a security threat), as the article above points out, pacemakers and oxygen machines are a terrorist threat, breast implants - terrorist threat - yet, with all of this "threat", TSA and DHS both admit that there are terrorist cells without our county's borders, and guess what - they got here because TSA and DHS were NOT doing their job - guess a pacemaker is more important to them than an actual terrorist?
    I could go on and on about how this country is falling apart at an alarming rate because politicians are too gutless to take a stand against what they know to be wrong, and too many people in this country wanting to wear blinders instead of seeing or facing the truth about things that are going on in this country. Mark my words - within the next 10 years, regardless of who is President, DHS will ultimately have this country in a full Police State with Martial Law invoked nationwide, and this country will become a totalitarian type of government, and you will all wish you had opened your eyes and took a stand when you could have.