Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The President Has a Lot on His Plate

Which of course why he's too busy to meet with his economic advisory council, but not too busy to play 100+ rounds of golf.

By now, you probably know that the President's jobs council hasn't "officially" met in over six months.  This despite a "laser-like focus on jobs."  So, when asked about it in his daily press briefing today, Jay Carney had this to say:

"there's no specific reason except that the president's obviously got a lot on his plate."

Yes, he obviously has a lot on his plate.  He has golf to play and fund-raisers to attend.  Obviously what is not on his plate, however, are the actual job duties of the President.

Tell you what, Mr. Obama, if you're so busy you can't actually do your job, how about we let someone who will actually be President be President?

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