Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If This is Success, What Would Failure Look Like?

In comments at an Oakland fundraiser on Monday, Barack Obama claimed that his economic polices have worked.  Hit the link for his specific comments and example, but let's view the larger picture.

Official unemployment is 8.2%.  Real unemployment- the U6 number- is closer to 15%.  In places such as Oakland, the official unemployment number is 13.7%.  Official UE has been over 8% for 41 straight months.  Inflation is in double digits, when the staple items of fuel and food are factored in.  Gas is over 100% higher now than when he took office.  Between the Eurozone's ever-imminent collapse and the US drought, we can only assume food prices will continue their frenzied increases.  Manufacturing is down for two straight months.  Housing prices are dropping again, while foreclosures are increasing.

By any objective standard, Mr. Obama's policies have been nothing short of a miserable failure.  Yet he touts them as successes.  Mr. Obama would have you believe that, but for him, unemployment would be worse, deficits and inflation would be higher, and manufacturing would be even worse off.

I'm sorry, but I'm not buying what he's selling.  Neither will I buy that bridge in Brooklyn from you.  Contrariwise, every time tax rate cuts have been tried, they've increased revenue to the Federal Government.  They've also spurred investment and private sector growth.  Every.  Time.

Which makes me think, perhaps this is Mr. Obama's definition of success: decimation of the private sector, denigration of business owners, a sharply increasing dependent class.  They are all road signs on the path to Communism. 

That would be expected from the Neo-Marxist in office.

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