Tuesday, September 4, 2012

At Least He Admits It

Does Barack Obama even know anything about American culture?  Granted that lots of people play golf, it's hardly an American phenomenon, and we've seen how well he doesn't throw a baseball.  Now he obviously doesn't understand how grades are given out.

In a TV interview, the SCOAMT was again given the "grade" question.  You'd think he would have learned by now that the President doesn't answer that kind of question.  But, no, the Smartest Man in the Room is just too smart to learn that lesson, so he takes another swing at a question that has no right answer, and lots of wrong ones.

Incomplete?  He gives himself an incomplete?  Maybe his handlers need to duct tape him to his chair and force him to listen.  For those of you who have no experience with an incomplete ("I") grade (mine only comes second hand), Incomplete is the grade you are given when you've been absent too much for the teacher to evaluate your work one way or the other.  You didn't fail, nor did you pass.  You simply didn't show up.

Which, I suppose, is refreshingly honest from King Putt, Lord of the eighteen handicap.

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