Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Opponent in't Obama- It's the Media

You'll hear conservatives say this from time to time, and it often gets written of as sour grapes.  The problem here is that it is sour grapes.  It's also true.

Consider: When barbaric savages in Cairo and Benghazi stormed our consulates there, tearing down our flag and raising the Al Qaida flag in Egypt, and killing our Ambassador and two others in Libya, the Consulate in Egypt released a statement blaming a YouTube video for the violence.  Barack Obama said nothing.  Mitt Romney called the Consulate (and therefore: State Department, and therefore: Administration) statement "weak," among other things.

Did the Media focus their ire on the savages responsible for the attacks?  No.  Did they focus their enmity on the Administration whose weak policies lead these human filth to believe they could execute these attacks and get away with it?  No.  They focused their hate on Mitt Romney, saying he spoke too soon.

Consider: Today the news came out that 382,000 Americans are out of work this week who had employment last week (that what the "jobless claims" are- initial filings of unemployment).  The Labor Department blamed Hurricane Isaac.  Did the media laugh at them? No.  Did the media decry the blame shifting to the weather?  No.  They simply accept it.

These are but two examples, and recent at that.  Alternative media has made great inroads against the Media over the last decade or so, but much still remains to be done.  We need to fight them at least as much as, and probably more than, we fight the Democrats.

So- start a blog.  Get on twitter.  Or just support your local blogger.  But let's defeat our opponent so we can start really saving this Country we love.

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