Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What Recovery?

I keep hearing that this is the "weakest recovery since the Great Depression."  The only thing I can respond to that is, "what recovery?"

Every economic indicator is still in the toilet.  Unemployment hovers, officially, around 8%.  If you look at the more realistic U6 measure, it's just under 15%.  If the workforce were the same size today as it was when Obama took office, U3 would be over 11%.

No one is hiringBig firms are firing.  For many, there is no hope of a new job.  For many of the rest, their hope lies in multiple jobs just to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration wasted over $800,000,000,000 dollars on a "stimulus" that only worsened the situation.  They spend over half a billion dollars on the "green energy" company Solyndra, which promptly declared bankruptcy.  They've lost over $55 million on the bailout of GM alone, at current valuation, while GM loses nearly $50,000.00 per volt sold, including the subsidies paid for by you, the taxpayer.

This isn't what recovery looks like.  This is what the Great Depression looked like.

Barack Obama has had nearly four years to address this problem.  Instead, he plays golf.  It's time to fire the incompetent in office, and hire someone who has some clue how an economy works.

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