Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obama Admits He's an Entitled Celebrity, Not a Public Servant

"And Jay-Z now knows what my life is like: We both have daughters, and our wives are more popular than we are," Obama said to laughter and applause. "So we've got a little bond there. It's hard, but it's okay." - Barack Obama

Apparently Barack Obama's life is "hard" because his wife is more popular than he is?  Because he has daughters?  And an entitled celebrity somehow understands "what [his] life is like?"  Give me a break.

Yes, I know it was (alleged) humor.  I get that he was trying (and failing) to be funny.  The problem is that people don't joke about things that are inherently false.  Something has to have a grain of truth- no matter how tenuous- to be funny at all.  All of which means that Barack Obama, that stuttering clusterf*ck of a miserable tyrant, believes that Jay-Z "knows what his life is like."  And that's a travesty.

If any celebrity has any inkling of what the President's life is like, something is horribly wrong.

The president's life should be incomprehensibly hard, especially now.  The Middle East is bursting into flames again- no, not over a movie.  China and Japan are gearing up for a war that, especially combined with the Middle East conflagration, could spell a third world war.  Our own economy is in the tank- with labor participation at near-record lows, and U3 unemployment is still over 8%.  The Fed just decided to devalue our money again, so commodities (yes, gold and silver, but also oil) will start climbing rapidly.  The Median Income in the United States has fallen for the fourth straight year.

Despite all of this, SCOAMT has time to laugh it up with Jay-Z and on David Letterman.  He spoke with the Spanish language "People" magazine while our embassies were being attacked.  He's gone golfing I don't even know how much- more than the hated George W Bush did in 8 years, I know that.  He lives the life of a celebrity, and he wants us to re-elect him.

Maybe instead of yukking it up with high-dollar donors, the President could, oh, I don't know- be President?  Maybe instead of jetting off to fundraisers with champagne towers, he could spend some time trying to figure out how to clean up the mess he made in the Middle East?  Maybe he could spend some time trying to make sure the Chi-Coms don't try to invade Japan- who happens to be our ally? 

I know, crazy, right?

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