Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Psychotic Death Cult Coerces U.S. President

One week ago today, members of a psychotic death cult, known to the world as "Islam" began a protracted and concerted assault on the United States and her values.  On the 11th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks, and for the rest of that week, members of the so-called "Religion of Peace" assaulted US Embassies, as well as Embassies of US Allies.  The excuse they seized upon for their attacks was, supposedly, the release of a movie no one had heard of, and even fewer had watched.  They claimed it insulted Mohammed.

In response to these unprovoked attacks, the United States demanded justice, and informed the Countries in which the violence occurred that we would be beefing up security, whether they liked it or not.

Wait.  No.  That was on Bizzaro Earth.  On real Earth, the U.S. Government, Democrats, and their allies in the media did their best to make the issue about the movie and that it was "bad."  They decided to enact defacto anti-blasphemy ordinances in favor of Islam (but no other religions), enacting defacto Sharia Law, at least in part.  In addition, they executed a literal night-time raid by literal brown-shirted enforcers to throw a man in jail for exercising his right to free speech.  Here's what that looked like:


Does that look like a man who is having his identity protected, or does he look like a political prisoner about to be left to rot in the gulag?

Now, others have been chronicling the SCOAMT Administration's epic failures of foreign policy.  But many, if not most of them, have said something wrong- because it's easy to say.  What they're saying also fits in with their world view that most people are basically good.  I have no such illusions, and since no one else (at least- no one else who's mouth isn't flecked with foam) is saying it, I will.

Islam is evil.  It's adherents are evil.  There is no way to be a devout Muslim without being evil.  It is not just a "backward" religion.  It is not just a "young" religion.  It is evil to its core.  In many ways, Mohammed met the Christian definition of "Anti-Christ."  The religion is founded on World Conquest and forced conversion.  It preaches intolerance and slaughter.  Its adherents regularly stone women for being raped.  If a man can't keep it in his pants, that's obviously the fault of the woman- who was swaddled in so many layers of clothing it's a minor miracle she hadn't already suffocated.

Islam is a perversion of parts of Christianity and Judaism.  It claims to be the continuation of those two traditions, yet, to do so, must say that God is a liar.  Or, at least, that God chooses liars as His representatives.  For Islam to be true, every part of the Old Testament (using the Christian Bible) after the birth of Isaac must be either completely false, or at least a misrepresentation of God's will.  For Islam to be true, Jesus himself had to be a liar and a con-man (at best), who was guilty of blasphemy.  And yet, it incongruously claims that Jesus was a prophet of God.

Since its introduction, Islam has been responsible for genocide and war.  It has kept its adherents largely impoverished and given them a perpetual victim mentality.  It's adherents are willing to strap bombs to their children.  Even the ones who don't go that far cheer when others do.

Now, many will say- and this is the untrue thing that I referred to earlier- that it's a "minority of Islam" that does these things.  No, it is not.  Anyone who rejects forced conversion, anyone who rejects Jihad, anyone who rejects the stoning of rape victims and honor killings is not practicing Islam.  They may claim to be Muslim, but that's rather like someone claiming to be Jewish while sleeping with his neighbor's wife, working on Saturday, and eating a breakfast of pork sausage and bacon every morning.  It would be like someone claiming to be a Christian but never going to Church Services, never giving money to the needy, and never taking communion. 

Islam preaches these things.  To deny that it does is like denying that Christianity preaches the resurrection of Christ.  It's like denying that Hinduism teaches reincarnation.  You can claim all you want that "only a minority believe," but that just means that there are a majority of people who claim to follow the religion who don't actually follow the religion.

And if that were true, the outrage from the so-called "Moderate Muslims" would be deafening.  They would rise up with the rest of us to claim that this requirement that all speech contrary to Islam be silenced is not only un-American, it is also outrageous on more general grounds.  They would be clamoring to go on talk shows and TV to say "We don't support this."

But they don't.  Maybe they don't because they're afraid.  It's hardly a secret that Militant Islamists (the fanatics, even among the devout) seek to kill those who disagree with Islam, or who paint it in a bad light.  Maybe they think its self-evident that they don't support it.  We'll, sorry, folks, but it's not.  Or maybe, just maybe, there really is a part of them, too, who does agree with it.  There are Christians like that.  The ones I mentioned before- who don't go to Church, never perform any actions of a Christian, and don't take communion- yet they're glad for those who do.  They realize, at some level, that this is what is required of Christians, and they're glad some people are keeping it up- even as they do not. 

Now, I understand this is... well, maybe not "incendiary" but borrowing trouble.  But we cannot defeat "Radical" Islam if we continue to deny that the only thing "Radical" about it is that they are actually practicing the literal words preached to them from their own Koran.  You cannot solve a problem you refuse to acknowledge.  The problem is not some small minority of Muslims, the problem is Islam.


  1. Nice rant Allen. Did you catch the rumor that the SCOAMT is considering Morsi's request that we release the Blind Shiek?

    1. I did, actually. I think I saw that over at the HQ.

      Blind. Seething. Rage.

  2. Islam is like leftist politics, a series of half truths and outright lies to absorb the mentally disordered.
    The only thing that both can accomplish as a group is to act out angrily and demand concessions for things that they can't provide for themselves.

    Good stuff Allen

  3. " It has kept its adherents largely impoverished and given them a perpetual victim mentality. "

    Sounds like a certain American political party we all know and love.

    J.J. Sefton

  4. Well said Allen. Stay on it guy.