Monday, September 10, 2012

If You Can't Say Something Nice...

Then shut up.

I've gone rounds with DrewM over at the Ace of Spades a few times, and I've never responded with a blog post about it, but I think this is important enough to be posted somewhere beyond just the comments section of the HQ.

Like DrewM, I was not a huge fan of Mitt Romney.  I think he's a Northeastern Liberal Republican.  I think he's got too much of the autocrat in him and views Government, if not as the solution, then at least as the vehicle for whatever the solution is.  I still see him as "the man liberal enough to be elected Governor of Massachusetts."

Unlike DrewM, I've decided my personal problems with Mitt Romney pale when I consider the need to oust Barack Obama and get a Republican in the White House.  My problems with Mitt Romney are problems of policy.  My problems with Barack Obama are problems of fundamental ideology.  Mitt Romney and I probably disagree about how big the Government should be.  Barack Obama and I disagree about the relationship between Government and the People.  Mitt Romney is an autocrat who believes in top-down solutions.  Barack Obama is a neo-feudalist who believes I am a subject, not a citizen.

So if you're a conservative, and you want to make sure Barack Obama is evicted from his current residence in January of 2013, then I suggest you follow this advice.  If you can't say something nice about Mitt Romney, then shut up and at least don't make the rest of us wast time answering your objections, too.


  1. Hi friend. :-) Quite the discussion wasn't it? And here you are repeating stupidity again. I stand by my 3 options.

    1. If you expect a complete embargo- including to refute such statements, in you're in for a long wait.

    2. Lol. I think the thing that really surprised me was how thin skinned Drew was about it. Criticizing Romney? Valid. Criticizing Drew's criticism? Then you must be an idiot.

    3. Sadly, that's pretty well par for the course.