Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obama Can't Be Bothered With Current National Debt

"I don't remember..."

Instead of dealing with the various fiscal or foreign calamities occurring on his watch, the President decided to go on with David Letterman and laugh it up.  I guess because laughing is better than actually dealing with the variety of things the President should be hearing.  Eventually talk turned to the deficit- which, by the way, is over $16 million million dollars.

Now, a real man, a man who believed in personal responsibility, might have said something like this: "The debt is far too high.  We spend more than we take in, and we have to find some way to fix that."  He could have even left it right there, and everyone (well, all 10 of Letterman's viewers) would have nodded sagely at his wisdom.

Barack Obama blamed Bush.  You know, considering how incompetent our betters in the Media would have us believe George Bush was, the Democrats seem oddly powerless to reverse any of his policies.

When pressed on the debt, Barack Obama couldn't even bring himself to say the real number.  Instead, he responded “I don’t remember what the number was precisely.”

Now, this can only be two things, and neither of them are good.

Either the President is so disconnected from his actual job of governing the country that he doesn't know how badly in debt we are, or he's a rank coward.  If one takes his answer at face value, he's too busy with ritzy fund raisers and playing golf to find out how much money his administration is spending (yes, Congress (in theory) appropriates funds, but the Executive Branch could always decide to spend less than is budgeted).  If one discounts that obviously false assertion, then what is left is that Barack Obama, even after blaming George Bush for his failures, is too cowardly to dare remind anyone about the US Debt level.

This is the president who has overseen two credit downgrades.  Contra what the Media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) would have you believe, the problem has always been a question of repayment- simply raising the debt level doesn't solve anything, because it doesn't solve the actual debt problem.  It just piles more debt on top of debt.  So not only is he too cowardly to remind people of his miserable fiscal failures, he's also too cowardly to actually attempt to address the root causes of the problem in the first place.

America does not need a rank coward in office.  America does not need a President who can't be bothered to keep up with the economy.  Either way, Barack Obama is a stuttering clusterfr*ck of a miserable tyrant.

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