Friday, September 28, 2012

Obama Campaign: Women are all Sluts

Well, the pre-menopausal ones, anyway.

The latest trick up the SCOAMT's sleeve seems to be suggesting that young women will go through $18,000 dollars of birth control.  As DrewM at the AoSHQ points out (with screen cap), that's roughly 160 years of BC pills.  So what is the Obama campaign suggesting?

Certainly Captain Wonderful McMomjeans wouldn't lie about birth control costs, so he must be suggesting that a mere 99.8% effectiveness of contraception is not good enough- suggesting, in turn, that women have so much sex that they need hysterectomies to avoid pregnancy.  In short, women, he just called you all sluts.  You just can't control your promiscuity, in his view.

Republicans, however, believe you are quite competent and capable of affording a $9.00/mo prescription all on your own without Government (or, even, Mom and Dad's) help.  Moreover, we don't believe you're sluts.

And who is waging the "War on women?"

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