Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obama is a Racist

Blames Latinos for his Miserable Failures.

How else am I supposed to read this?

On the Spanish Language TV Channel, Univision, Barack Obama said the following:
“The most important lesson I’ve learned is you can’t change Washington from the inside."

Now, considering this is the man who was elected based on "Hope!" and "Change!" that sounds like an admission of failure.  Which, I suppose, is at least honest of him.  But maybe he should have stayed in the Senate a little longer before running for President if he was that naive.

He went on to say that, in a hypothetical second term he would:
”be in more of a conversation with the American people so they can move these issues forward.”

This is what I have a real problem with.  For the better part of 3 years, you couldn't turn on the TV without seeing this blithering idiot's face.  Every problem he had was not one of policy, to hear him tell it, but one of communication.  He needed to "tell better stories," he once said.  So what he's saying here is that the problem isn't him, it's you.  He's been up here reading off his Teleprompter, and you rubes are just too cynical.  If you'd bought into the Hope and Change rhetoric more, he wouldn't have been such a failure.

And since he said it on Spanish Language TV where only Latinos and the hard-core politicos were going to see it, it's obvious that he's blaming Latinos.

I can only come to one conclusion here.  Barack Obama is a Racist.


  1. Be in more of a conversation? My ass. He's never wanted a conversation; the non-stop TV coverage has been nothing but monologue. Ptooey.

  2. Here from AOSHQ...Barky never wanted conversation. What he wanted and still desires is confirmation.

    SCOAMF/T, indeed

  3. I stumbled here this afternoon and accidentally caught your Tweet about me. Muchas gracias, AllenG.

    I still can't log on to Twitter for some unexplained reason. If anyone asks, please tell them.