Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let The Vetting Begin

Democrats are pushing San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro as "the next Barack Obama."  If that's going to be the case, then I believe he deserves a much more thorough vetting than the current Barack Obama. (Side note: if you're the leader of your party, and the party is already talking about the next you, you have a problem.)

Luckily for us, the great team over at is already getting started, and boy is their first entry a doozy.  It turns out that Julian Castro is the next Barack Obama- an America hating, pro-socialist demagogue who learned radicalism from a young age and, it seems, has never once considered the logical flaws in his ideology.

You see, Julian Castro is as much a beneficiary of the affirmative action state as Barack Obama.  His article which is quoted extensively by Mr. Johnson, was written at Stanford.  Despite the fact that, as an Ivy League school, any evidence of some "majority oppression" would have been highly evident there, Mr. Castro was accepted and (unlike Barack Obama) apparently actually published something.  The very idea, however, that any "majority oppression" was overstated, if not imaginary, never seems to cross his mind.

Most of that is due to his upbringing.  It turns out his mother was one of the founders of the group now known as La Raza, and a firm believer in the Reconquista movement.  The author at Breitbart doesn't get too much into Reconquista, so let me explain it in broad terms.

Mexico once controlled most of the United States Southwest.  From holdings in Louisiana, through Texas, up to Colorado, and over to California, most of what we now call the Southwest was formerly Mexican territory.  The first of that to change was Louisiana, when Spain ceded all its territory there to the French.  Next to go was Texas; when the combined White settlers and Mexican nationals (collectively called Texicans) rebelled against the nation of Mexico and won our independence.  After that it was a slow but inexorable slide to the current boundaries.

Those who believe in Reconquista conveniently forget that a good half of the Texan Patriots were Mexican nationals.  They forget that "Free Mexico" never was.  And they believe that the Southwest, from Texas to Colorado, to California is "rightfully" theirs, and that they should take it back.  This is La Raza's goal, the idea which lead to their creation.  They call the Southwest "Aztlan," which is really funny, since it was the Mexican government, still beholden to Spain, which mostly wiped out the rather barbaric Aztec culture.

That San Antonio, home of Texas's most vivid symbol of resistance and determination, could have elected someone who supports Reconquista boggles my mind.  In the home of the sacrifice of so many of our relatives (yes, I had an ancestor who died at the Alamo), you would think the people would be more skeptical of La Raza and what it really stands for.

As for Mr. Castro and his Reconquista brothers and sisters: in the words of those Texans so long ago, "Come and Take it."

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