Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rock and Roll Lifestyle

The group Cake has a question for Barack Obama:

Even as they're asking Americans to cut back and do with less and to accept the new normal of 8+% unemployment, the Obama's lived a quite lavish lifestyle at your expense last year.  All told, they spent $1.4 Billion in tax-payer money.  In comparison, the British spent less than %58 Million (or about 4% of what the Obamas spent) on the Royal Family.  By further comparison, Convicted Felon, Nazi Collaborator, and Barack Obama supporter George Soros has a total net worth of about $19 Billion.  Mitt Romney's net worth is only about $250 Million.  That is- if he liquidated every asset he owned, he would fall short of Obama's lifestyle for one year by about $1.15 Billion.

Barack Obama wastes no time in taking Mitt Romney to task for being rich and spending his own money.  He doesn't hesitate to call him "out-of-touch."  Yet Mitt Romney lives, on his own money, a much more modest lifestyle than Barack Obama.

Barack Obama encouraged, and even endorsed the "Occupy" movement, while spending about a 5th of the entire Net Worth of Convicted Felon and Nazi Collaborator George Soros, and over 5 times the entire Net Worth of Mitt Romney.

Specks, Planks, Eyes.  Some dis-assembly required.


  1. Spending other peoples' money is fun as long as you have a posse with guns.

    1. It's always fun. you just get away with it longer when you have the posse w/ guns.