Wednesday, June 27, 2012

At This Rate, The Convetion Could Be Held In An Apartment

And not a very big one.

Over the last week or so, numerous Democrats -most notably those from North Carolina- have indicated they will not be attending the Democrat National Convention in (wait for it): North Carolina.  They give excuses like "needing to be with their constituents," and such.  Let me assure you, if Barack Obama were popular in their districts, they'd be going.

He's not.  In fact, Barack Obama is apparently so toxic, that Rep. Steve Israel, current chairman of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, has suggested that all Democrat Representatives skip the convention.

Has this ever happened?  I can only imagine the ridicule and mockery in the Mainstream Media if Republicans were refusing, in droves, to attend their convention.  This is especially true if they were giving the political equivalent of the excuse, "I have to wash my hair."

Add this to UT Representative Jim Matheson deciding to support the Contempt Citation against Eric Holder, and the picture seems to be rather bleak for the President.

To which I say: pass the popcorn.

Barack Obama has been a tyrant from day one of his Presidency.  He refuses to enforce laws he doesn't like, he implements law by the fiat of Executive Order, he has appointed officers with Cabinet Level powers without the Advice and Consent of the US Senate, he has attempted to bully media outlets and the Supreme Court, and the list continues.  With any luck, the Democrats will realize that he doesn't merely share their opposition to Republicans, but that he actively hates what America stands for.

Once they do that, they'll have a choice- support America, or stand with their Party.

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  1. I also heard a story that there were problems with the convention because NC is a right-to-work state. The unions were royally pissed off because of this and were refusing to kick in funds for God-knows-what. All in all, the Dems' convention is starting to sound like an awful lot of fun.