Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Update: Info Received from TWC

As the IAM strike against Lockheed appears to come to a close (I still haven't seen the details, but from radio reports it sounds like the union more-or-less caved), I feel compelled to continue the coverage I began.

When I find details of the new deal, and when results of Thursday's vote are known, I'll post.  However, I believe I owe a "Thank You" to the Texas Workforce Commission.  The Unemployment Division Director responded, today, to my open letter.

The short version is: yes, it is completely legal for striking workers to apply for assistance.  No, they almost certainly won't be approved.  I say "almost certainly" because there is a specific exclusion for striking workers which, per the email, "continues until the worker no longer has any part in the dispute."

The full explanation was quite professional, and I respect the information given and the TWC for taking the time to respond to me (I'm so used to receiving pure form letters or no response at all, I was actually surprised to receive this communication).

So, thank you, to LaShae Lenzy of the TWC for taking the time to respond.

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