Monday, June 25, 2012

Just Kill It, Already: Dependent Coverage

The next post in my continuing series: Just Kill It Already, should be up sometime this morning on The Axiom Report.  In today's column, we'll be talking about Dependent Coverage. (update: up already.  That was fast)

This is really a hard one for some people to accept as being "bad."  Most States already mandated coverage of Dependents to some extent, for one thing, and they just don't see how that's bad for the insurance companies for another.  The short version is: the people you want to be insured probably still won't be, and more of the people you don't want to be insured probably will.  That's going to affect what everyone pays in premiums, as well as the benefits offered by the insurance companies.

Some, though, go further.  They blame the insurance companies for the mess we're in.  First off, I do not accept that we're in any "mess" at all.  As I've said in this space before: You Have No Right To What Someone Else Must Provide.  Secondly, however, blaming the insurance companies for doing what makes the most sense so they can make a buck is hardly justified.  If you want to "blame" someone, blame FDR and the wage controls of the late 30's and 40's.  If you want to "blame" someone, blame government for their ever more intrusive coverage mandates.

But no matter who you blame, you cannot change the fact that, today, the vast majority of Americans rely on a Third Party Payer (that would be "health insurance company" for any Liberal readers) to pay their medical bills.  Anything that threatens that paradigm without having something solid in place to replace it is going to cause a great deal of misery, and simply open the door for another attempt at socialized, or even Single Payer, health care.

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