Thursday, June 14, 2012

IAM Strike: Charitable Org Info

I've had a couple of requests for contact information for the groups the IAM is asking for charitable assistance.  I was unable to locate information for the Angel Food Ministries, but the Tarrant County Catholic Charities and Texas Workforce Commission information is below.

If you do decide to contact these resources, remember this:

1) Be Polite.  They are not the ones striking, and they may not even be in the wrong- I simply do not know.
2) If you are going to contact the TWC, please only do so if you are a Resident of, or work in, the State of Texas.  In either of those cases you would have some interest in the TWC, otherwise you mostly don't.

Tarrant County Catholic Charities:
Texas Workforce Commission (Commissioner Representing Labor):

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