Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GOP Professionals, Can We Talk?

Please, sit down.  Make yourselves comfortable.   No, no, I'm not going to yell at you.  No, you're not in trouble.  Yet.

You see, it appears that living inside the Government bubble, you're losing touch with the things we, the voters find important.  Take this article from the Texas Tribune.  Yes, I know, it's "just Texas," but I'm relatively certain we'd find the same kind of thing if we went state-by-state or even nation-wide.

See, we have things we think are important.  Among those are immigration, the economy, taxation, and so forth.  You, too, have things you think are important.  They seem to include... education funding and the water supply.  You do realize those barely register with us, your base, right?

See, we would like you to focus on things like securing the border and fixing the immigration process.  We would like you focus on the economy (hint: we think the best bet is for you to get out of the way).   These are the things that important to us, and to our families.  Quite frankly, we think that if you'd focus on those, the rest would more-or-less take care of itself.

Yes, we understand that education is important.  We also understand that the water supply is important.  But, really, the most important issues?  Come on, you can't possibly actually believe that, can you? 

Yes, we get it.  The Education Lobby, even in Texas, is pretty powerful.  When the teachers get their backs up about something, they can mobilize a lot of votes.  They also don't really mind using up sick days and leaving their kids to a substitute when it's time to protest on the steps of the Capitol.  Their lobbyists are there every day, and, well, we can't be.

You see, we have jobs, or would like to.  We have budgets to keep.  We have to worry about getting hit by uninsured drivers, the majority of whom are illegal immigrants.  We don't really worry about the schools.  For the most part, we'll handle the education part, anyway.  Not necessarily by home schooling or private schools, but just by being concerned, involved parents.  As for water supply?  Hey, we understand drought conditions.  We understand wildfires.  We get it; but the municipalities and cooperative water districts are already handling that.  It's not like they need your special supervision.

What it comes down to, though, is this.  We elected you for a purpose.  That purpose was to fix the economy (yes, by actively getting government out of the way), and to fix border and immigration enforcement.  Everything else is kind of secondary.  If you won't address what we want addressed, be assured you will face opposition.

We don't want to spend our time fighting you.  We'd rather fight the Liberals.  But we can only do that if we're not busy forcing you to pay attention to our priorities.  If you want to be left alone, show we can trust you to be left alone.  Trust has to be earned, and it is all too easily squandered.

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