Monday, June 4, 2012

The Growing Police State: Voter Coercion Edition

Via Ann Althouse, comes what "may be the most disgusting thing I have ever received in the mail."

It seems that the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund, a Democrat leaning PAC, sent out the mailer to which Ms. Althouse refers.  In it, the actual names and addresses of real citizens were published, along with whether or not they voted in the last two elections.

As Althouse points out, this is a gross invasion of privacy, and a disgusting attempt to intimidate people into voting.  You do have a right not to cast a vote.  I have chosen that option on occassion- either when events made it impossible for me to believe I had studied the issues well enough, or when I really was feeling "a pox on both your houses."  Sometimes withholding a vote is making a statement, too, after all.

Will Mayor Barrett's campaign repudiate the action of the PAC which supports him?  Will he react with the same disgust he would if this were a Republican leaning PAC, say one founded by the Koch brothers?  Will he demand that his supporters cease their coercion efforts?

Hopefully so, because this is purely despicable.

But I'm not holding my breath.

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  1. Back in my Paramedic days I responded to a coroner call. In August. This call was the result of some flunky at anti-social insecurity had noticed Mr. Floater's checks had not been cashed since May.

    When we roll up EVERYBODY but the body was outside, and the flies were crawling under the door trying to GTFO. It was the kind of stench of death that permeates EVERYTHING, stays in your pores for days and you have to throw your uniform away because it WILL NOT wash out.

    I'm getting a whiff the same stench of death and defeat for the Dem Cong and their commie agenda this election season, and I'm sure they've already gotten a whole snootful, thus the blatant illegalities and desperation on their part.