Monday, June 25, 2012

He Has Refused His Assent

With the provision in the Arizona Illegal Immigration law that allowed for checks of immigration status being upheld this morning, Barack Obama has, once again, allowed his mask to slip to show the tyrant beneath.

From the Washington Times (H/T: Ace of Spades) comes this article detailing Obama's decision to suspend existing agreements with AZ police over immigration enforcement.  He has issued a policy which will result in either continuous detention of possible illegals (if ICE officials simply do not answer or respond to requests), or will allow illegal immigrants to avoid the just consequences of their crime.  First the EO granting amnesty to illegal aliens who came as minors, and now this.

Indeed, these are far from the only examples of love of tyranny.  From ignoring Congress (on multiple occasions) to berating or threatening (however obliquely) the Supreme court, to- today- defying the Supreme court, in spirit if not in letter.

Barack Obama is a tyrant.  He is a would-be dictator who believes that you live to serve him.  He wants you as a subject, not a citizen.

The time has come for our elected representatives to protect us from his tyranny.

If the US Congress will not intervene, then the States must.  It must stop, or the country willed to us by our forefathers, that was entrusted to us for our posterity, will die.

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