Monday, June 25, 2012

Juan Williams Knows It Was An Act of War

So why aren't Republicans hammering on the War Powers Act?  I'd hate to think it's just because of "politics" but I'm pretty sure that's what's up.

First: this was from Juan Williams on Fox News (I believe on Friday the 22nd, but I missed the segment, myself):

Did you catch that?  In case you didn't, here's a partial transcript (via Gateway Pundit, via Right Scoop)

WILLIAMS: Hey, people die in war! People died...


Now maybe I'm crazy for chasing this particular angle, but I think it's terribly important.  And let's review why- debunking a Liberal talking point in the process.

Under George W Bush, a distinctly different gun tracking program: Operation Wide Receiver was run.  In this operation, RFID tags were placed in guns which were allowed to be sold, the ATF attempted to intercept them before they crossed the border.  This was a less-than-successful operation (for technical reasons, not conceptual), and was stopped as soon as it became clear that it was not working.  Another major difference between Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious is that WR was conducted with full knowledge and cooperation with the Mexican Government.  Also- no one died due to this operation.

Fast and Furious, on the other hand, made no attempt to track or intercept the weapons, was done without knowledge or consent (let alone cooperation) with the Mexican Government, and is responsible for more than 300 deaths.

Now, if someone were supplying a domestic terrorist group with weapons with which they were attacking the US Government (remember: the Drug Cartels have engaged in open combat with the Federales) and murdering US Citizens, we would be outraged.  I cannot think of anyone who would deny that War, if necessary, would be a valid option for dealing with that problem.  This is because whoever was doing that supplying would be engaging in a war against us.

So, now, the United States Government has engaged in an act of war- acknowledged by their own side- against Mexico- an allied foreign power.  This is a power the Executive Branch does not have on its own.  Are they going to claim that the Mexican Government posed a "clear and present danger" to the United States?  Are they going to claim that arming Narco-Terrorists was designed to remove that danger?

This is a major scandal.  Eric Holder should resign or be impeached.  Janet Napolitano should resign or be impeached.  Hillary Clinton should resign or be impeached.  And that's only if Barack Obama is really as ignorant of the goings on of his administration as he claims (hey, that much golf takes a lot of time).  If Barack Obama was aware (I believe he was), he should resign or be impeached.

All of them are responsible for that shed blood.

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