Thursday, June 14, 2012

Open Letter to the TWC About Striking IAM Workers

Honorable Commissioner,

 I am a resident of Tarrant county and blogger (

It came to my attention today that the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) chapter in Tarrant County has contacted your office about eligibility for their members striking against Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth.  According to their website, their representative (a Tim Smith) spoke with 'Ms. Molina' with the TWC.

Ms. Molina apparently told Mr. Smith that the machinists could apply for benefits, and that cases would be approved or rejected case-by-case.

I can completely understand that response, but I would like your assurances that TWC Policy does not, generally, provide benefits for voluntarily striking workers.  If anyone in your office has at all followed the situation, you may already be aware of the deal offered by Lockheed Martin, in which case you know that it is actually very generous, especially in today's economic climate.

Would you care to comment on the general polices regarding organized labor walk-outs and TWC Unemployment Benefits?

My sincerest thanks,

P.S.: This Correspondence (scrubbed for my name) will be posted on the above mentioned blog as an open letter.  Thank you.

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