Friday, June 22, 2012

That's not "Anti-Government." That's "Mommy Issues."

Earlier this week, a man nearly blew himself up while trying to sabotage an Atmos Energy natural gas line.  The Police and FBI quickly got warrants and searched his home.  There they found additional bomb-making materials.  Something they found was worrisome enough that they took it to a secure location, buried, and detonated it.

For several days, law enforcement would not provide the man's name, age, or any other demographic information.  Today they have.  His name is Anson Chi, and acording to radio news reports he is "Anti-Government."

Now, normally "Anti-Government" is used to indicate Conservative- at least since 2009 when the Tea Parties started to form and fought for more limited government.  Since then, at least, "Anti-Government" was used liberally in conjunction with the Tea Parties and other Conservative groups- so that, now, "Anti-Government" can be used to imply "Conservative" without actually having to say that.

Why is that important?  Because, from this report in the Dallas Morning News, his own self-published book (available at that link) and his Facebook page, Mr. Chi is not Conservative in the least.  He appears to be mostly just a nut-job, but, where he has political leanings, they are very Liberal.  In his bio for said self-published book, he says he is "an author, politician, model, activist -environmental,social,political- and retired engineer."  His Facebook page shows that he follows WikiLeaks.  In short, he's not exactly on the Right hand side of the aisle.

More important, though, is that he seems, mostly, to have mommy and daddy issues.  His book, which he says is partially based on his life, starts off this way:
Doctor or lawyer — my only two options. These would be your only two options if you had Asian parents. You would think that you would be able to pick your own career, since you know, it is your own damn life. But not when you have Asian parents. So my only two options:doctor or lawyer. I wonder if my parents even know why I should become a doctor or a lawyer.

He says, in the introductory synopsis:
Why do Asians really get straight A's? Why do Asians really become doctors and lawyers? Why do Asians really play the piano? Many people believe that the reason has to do with the pressure to perform and the pressure to conform, however, it goes much deeper than that much, much deeper!

So it's safe to say, "Anti-Government," while perhaps correct, using that as the primary descriptor, as the radio broadcasts this morning did, is less than accurate.

And there is only one purpose to it: to attempt to smear conservatives, as they have so unsuccessfully in the past, with the actions of some wacko.  Remember the "anti-government" man who flew his plane into a building in Texas?  Remember Jared Laughner?  Remember James J Lee, who took over the Discovery Network building? All of these men were painted as "anti-government," with heavy emphasis that they were probably conservatives.  Indeed, the media would have had you believe that Jared Laughner was a bosom buddy with Sarah Palin, and that her "target map" is what convinced him to shoot Gabrielle Giffords.  In those cases, as in this, it turns out that "Conservative" is probably the least accurate descriptor.

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  1. It will never cease to amaze me how "Anti-Government" became conflated with "Anarchist." Those things couldn't be farther apart in most cases. The Tea Party was against government expansion and intrusion (anti-government in a sense) but they weren't against the rule of law by any stretch.
    This guy seems more crazy than anything, running 2nd is "anarchist."