Monday, June 18, 2012

Maybe what the Obama Campaign Needs is a New Candidate

In this article, titled "The Obama Campaign Needs an Intervention," the author, Albert R. Hunt, submits (as so many have) that Obama needs to recast his campaign to more starkly contrast with Republicans.  He explains how the President could have better handled the "doing fine" comment, for instance.

With all respect, Mr. Hunt, and intervention isn't going to help.  He needs a new candidate.  He needs new facts.

Let's take the idea that he could have fixed the "doing fine" comment.  Certainly, with enough spinning, he could have claimed he wasn't saying what he was saying.  But let's be honest about what he was saying- his claim, tacked on to "the private sector is doing fine," was that the public sector is not "doing fine."  A part of his comment I see you missed in your article.  You see, it doesn't matter if he goes back, per your suggestion, and says "Oh, well, obviously I meant the wealthy and big businesses, they're doing fine but the middle class is hurting," because it ignores the biggest fallacy of his original statement: that the public sector is not doing fine.

Then you take on the idea of "better surrogates."  Seriously?  This is the President who was elected on his "soaring rhetoric."  He needs better spokespeople?  And who, exactly, would you suggest?  Multi-billionaire cum Political Hack Warren Buffet?  The man who so disingenuously claimed that the rich should pay more taxes because his secretary pays more in taxes than he does?  How about Convicted Felon and Nazi Collaborator George Soros?  That would be the man who made his fortune off of destabilizing other countries' currencies.

This is not about arguments.  It's not about "distinctions" in any purely rhetorical sense.  Barack Obama has a record, and it's not very pretty.  He joined the socialist New Party- and lied about it.  He was close friends with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers- and lied about it.  As President his record isn't even mixed, it's just terrible.  Such successes as have occurred under his watch were simply continuations of policies enacted by the much demonized George W. Bush.  His economic policy is a joke, his foreign policy is beyond pathetic, and he's been reduced to pandering to his own base.

If Democrats want to have a chance in November, their best bet is to eject Barack Obama (they can claim they're rejecting is white half, if that makes them feel better) and go with someone who is not such a light weight.  You'll excuse me if I don't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

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