Wednesday, June 13, 2012

God Bless Texas

Later this summer, in Lewisville, Texas, a Dallas suburb, the Eagle Gun Range will open.  Eagle Gun range is going to boast several amenities, among them, air conditioning (rare for gun ranges in the area).  They're going to invite boy scouts and girl scouts, corporate get-togethers and (ready for the awesome?) kid's birthday parties.

According to the proprietor, shooting activities for the kiddies will be preceded by a 30 minute instruction and safety period.  Only after the instruction session will the kids be taken to the gun range itself where the rifles- BB guns and .22s- will be waiting.  After all the kids are done shooting, they'll then be taken back to the other room and be served cake and icecream.  I guess that's the kid equivalent of waiting until you've put the guns away to have your beer.

As you can expect, there are supporters and detractors.  Count me among the supporters.  Heck, I'm hoping they'll host a party for 30-somethings. 

You can find the Eagle Gun Range online at

Update: Apparently this is old news (per Vic at the Ace of Spades HQ).  Why didn't y'all tell me?

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