Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Growing Police State: Petty Tyrants

In case you needed your daily does of "ragestroke," here's a wonderful article from the Daily Mail.*

A grandson carrying his grandfather's ashes through Airport security had them desecrated and spilled on the floor.  The TSA Agent who committed this atrocious act reportedly mocked and laughed at him as he attempted to retrieve the spilled ashes and return the to the container- one which had been clearly marked "human remains," and which could have been examined without ever opening it, if there had been a real security concern.

No, this is simply more petty Tyranny from the the TSA.  They are despicable, every one of them.

Now, many people would say, "Oh, there are good men and women working for the TSA..."  I call bull manure.  Good men and women could not have watched that without intervening.  Good men and women could not work in an environment that enabled that sort of behavior.  Good men and women could not stand by as grannies in wheel-chairs or young children were molested by their coworkers.

Any TSA agent who does not stand up for the human dignity of the people they are supposed to be serving is, at best, enabling such behavior.  More accurately, they're complicit in it.  By not standing against it, they have chosen to stand for it.  I cannot whitewash it for them.

The TSA must hold these agents accountable- and, by "accountable" I mean: fire them.  The other TSA agents must refuse to work with them.  Neither of those will happen, because the entire organization is evil.  As is anyone who supports them.

*- On a completely different note, why am I reading this from British News?

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