Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Barack Obama: My Job Is Too Hard

Calls Debate Prep "A Drag"

The Hill is reporting that poor, poor Barack Obama is feeling sorry for himself.  I mean, he's only the Most Powerful Man in the World.  He plays golf like he's an addict.  He lives a jet-set lifestyle that cost the US Taxpayer $1.4 Billion in one year alone.  He has avoided responsibility for every major issue since he came into office.

But having to sit down and prepare for a debate?  "It's a drag.  They're making me do my homework."

Now, The Hill reports that as a joke.  Let me tell you something about jokes like that- they aren't jokes.  You don't make them if you're not really feeling sorry for yourself.  You might make a self deprecating joke.  Maybe something like, "Yeah, I'd love to get out more.  Unfortunately my memory also seems to want a vacation; I guess I've got more studying to do."  See, that's a joke that says, "man I don't like this.  Oh, well, better knuckle down."  His joke sounds petulant and whiny.

This is not behavior I expect from a grown man at all, and certainly not from the President of the United States.

Meanwhile, the Obama supporters at the AFSCME have a series of ads coming out about how mean Mitt Romney is.  Get ready for this, it's a bombshell. 

He's never offered his garbage man a hug or a Gatorade.

On the other end, Mitt Romney is the one showing leadership on issues from Taxation and Fiscal Policy to Foreign Policy.

Oh: And don't forget.  During his 2002 Gubernatorial campaign, Mitt Romney actually hauled garbage for a day himself.  That's really just a stupid ad from the AFSCME.

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