Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moderator, or Debate Opponent?

 Close ties between VP Debate Moderator and Barack Obama

In this corner, he's a 42 year old US Representative from the State of Wisconsin, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, Tea Party favorite, and MathWitch- Mr. PAUL RYAN!!!

And in this corner, he's the one guy Barack Obama could find who is yet more of a SCOAMF.  He was a US Representative for Life, including two failed Presidential Bids, from the State of Massachusetts   She is a former ABC Senior Foreign Corespondent and close friend of Barack Obama who has been tapped as the moderator of this debate- Mr. Joe Biden and Ms. Martha Raddatz!!!

That's a pretty close approximation of how the beginning of tomorrow night's debate should go.  And Mr. Ryan will still mop the floor with both of them.

See, Ms. Raddatz wasn't just a 'Senior Foreign Correspondent' for ABC.  She was apparently close enough friends with the President of the United States to invite him to her wedding.  If that weren't enough evidence of some conflict-of-interest, the President then selected her husband, Julius Genachowski, as head of the FCC.

I've already chronicled that there was no moderator in the first Presidential debate.  Mr. Lehrer was an opponent to Mitt Romney and an ally of the President.  Now it's already looking like the same will be true of the VP debate.

You know, I was once told that the purpose of the media was to question those in office.  There were supposed to "speak truth to power."  Isn't that what we were told they were doing as they were attempting to sabotage President Bush's term?  Yet here they are in positive cahoots with the administration.

It's been 15 days, and counting, since the last press briefing from the Administration.  The President will sit down with David Letterman and Nickelodeon, but not with actual news programs.  He'll talk about Sesame Street, but not about Benghazi.  And the Media lets him.

Where are the news stories and articles about the silence from the administration?  Where are the stories and articles about how weird it is that he makes time for Letterman but not for 20/20? Where is the "truth to power?"

The answer, of course, is "nowhere."  They won't run with those stories because they make their hero out to be the zero he really is.  As demonstrated above, the relationship between this President and the Media is anything but that of government and skeptical third party.

Which, I suppose, is one more good thing about a Romney victory in November- at least the incestuous relationship between the White House and the Media will end.

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