Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thugs and Monsters

Taliban Gunman tries to kill 14 year old girl

A Taliban Gunman in Pakistan shot and wounded Malala Yousufazi, a 14 year old girl who has been championing women's rights and education in Pakistan, as well as trying to bring attention to Taliban atrocities.  He attacked her on a loaded school bus- not caring about additional casualties he might inflict.  Indeed, when he wasn't sure which girl was his target, he shot Malala and a girl who had pointed her out.

Go to the linked article for more on the news portion of the story, but I think I should highlight another issue- namely that Islam is evil.

The Taliban are a deeply devout group of Islamists.  They believe only what the Koran teaches, which is to say: subjugation of women, jihad against anyone who isn't Muslim, and forced conversions.  Indeed, Islam is unique in its evil; the only things that separate Islam from most other faiths- the points of distinction beyond those things on which everyone agrees- are all evil. 

Yet, in the United States of America, we have become either too numb or afraid to call out the evil for what it is, and to defend ourselves from that evil.  From a literal midnight raid on the maker of a movie that "slandered" Islam, to anti-blasphemy laws, the United States has largely, in an official capacity at least, accepted Islam as the State Religion.  Deerborn, Michigan plays the Muslim Call To Prayer city-wide five times a day.  Can you imagine them doing the same for Catholic Mass?  What, the Muslim community in Deerborn can't set their watches?

In New York City, the MTA has banned speech that might be "offensive" or "provoke violence."  Is there any doubt that the only people they're afraid will get violent are Muslims?

For more than a week, the Obama administration blamed a little-known video for the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya and across the Middle East.

This girl has more guts than the entire Obama Administration combined.  It's time to stop selling soft-soap regarding Islam.  If the Muslims wish to be seen as the "Religion of Peace," then maybe they could try being peaceful.  When Muslim terrorists attack, it should be Muslims who first stand up and say, "They don't represent us."

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