Monday, October 1, 2012

David Plouffe: Obama is Incompetent

Didn't Lie that Benghazi Attack Was Preplanned

On NBC's "Meet the Press," Obama Adviser David Plouffe attempted to defend the miserable failure of a response to the Benghazi consulate attack and murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens.  Despite the fact we now know that the State Department knew that the attack was preplanned within 24 hours, and had plenty of advance warning that an attack was possible, and even probable, Mr. Plouffe claimed it was "preposterous and really offensive" to suggest that Mr. Obama lied about the attack.

He went on to say, "This president's record on terrorism takes a back seat to no one." 

Excuse me, Mr. Plouffe: Post 9/11 years without a terrorist attack: Bush: 7 / Obama: 3.  Back seat to no one?  Al Qaida is reassembling in the middle east, and has deep ties to some of the new regimes which arose in the "Arab Spring."

But let's assume that Mr. Plouffe isn't just trying to cover for Mr. Obama's lies with further lies.  Let's assume that he's right: Mr. Obama wasn't lying.  Well, in that case, what are we left with?  The information he gave was false.  It was known by the time Mr. Obama made his comments on the attacks that they had been preplanned.  It was almost immediately obvious.  So if he was so grossly wrong, but not lying, that leaves only one other option: He didn't know.

And why didn't he know?  Besides the fact he hadn't been taking his Presidential Daily Brief, you would think someone would have told him once the attack occurred that terrorism was suspected.  That they did not (in Plouffe's telling) indicates that the President either is not exerting the control over CIA and State that he should, or that he's seen as such a clustef*ck that they didn't trust him with that information.  In either way the underlying problem is incompetence.

With the challenges in the Middle East, we cannot afford an incompetent Commander-in-Chief.  Iran seeking nuclear power, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida gaining influence in Mid-East Governments, and our constant problems in Afghanistan demand a competent President.  They demand a President who can exert the right kind of power at the right time in the right levels to ensure the safety of our people and our Allies.

I'd almost rather he'd been lying.

h/t: Jammie Wearing Fool

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