Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Criminal Negligence: Benghazi Files Part 10

So we've come to the end of the documents provided by Republicans on Friday, October 19.

Over and over I've made this point, because I want to drive it home: There was no way local security forces could actually secure the Benghazi compound.  No matter how well meaning they were, they were simply unable to do so.

When we send an Ambassador to a country, we expect that country to provide some basic security on the exterior, but Marines to secure the compound itself.  We do this in England, France, or Germany.  How much more so should it have been done in the war-ravaged terrorist haven of Libya?

Some might view that list of security incidents in Part 9, and think I'm being unreasonable.  We knew Libya was fragile, after all, how could I expect the same security as in France or England or Germany?  The answer is: I don't.  But that same understanding that the host nation will be less secure would lead me to want a stronger than normal security presence in the compound itself.

For nearly a year the Embassy staff, which means Ambassador Stevens, asked for more security.  On the day he was murdered, the Ambassador himself, once again, requested additional security.  None was forthcoming.  That something bad would happen should hardly have been unforeseen.

What, then, is Barack Obama's excuse?  Well, it largely seems to be "SQUIRREL!"  In the Foreign Policy debate he avoided the subject as much as possible.  When the attack originally occurred, he blamed a YouTube video for the attack, and Mitt Romney for the fact he even had to address it.  In the weeks since, he has finally been forced to admit it was a failure on the part of his administration, but even in "taking responsibility" he has attempted to avoid responsibility.

Unless, God help us, Mr. Obama is re-elected, it is too late to impeach him for this.  But make no mistake, I believe this is a lapse worthy of that avenue.  But on November 6, if not before, you have the opportunity to fire Mr. Obama; to hold him truly responsible for the decisions he and his Administration made which lead to the murders of 4 Americans.

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  1. Wow. Incredible work. Thank you for taking the time and effort to put this together. If only there were a profession that would have people dedicated to this type of investigative work. We could call them ... Journalists!

    The whole affair is sickening and this set of revelations reveals it to be even worse than anyone thought. I don't have adequate words to express how contemptible and depraved these people are.

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